Because We Can / by Eryn Withawhy


from Eryn WithAWhy

Based in Newcastle, NSW, the BWC Team started as a group of avid surfers, snowboarders, and skaters looking to help raise the profile of board sports and kick-start the thousands of talented young riders out there pursuing careers in the industry.

What has developed during our journey is a collaborative project of amazing surf/snow/skate media, people and ideas, networks and friendships.

Through our BWC Launchpad Program we aim to seek out the talented youth of Australia who are passionate about their chosen sport and launch them into a career doing what they love most. Our sponsorship package will give the riders the added confidence and exposure needed to get noticed in the industry. The riders will become an integral part of the BWC Team where their latest footage, photos, competition results, and personal profiles will be updated and promoted extensively through our website and various social media platforms.

Keen entrants for the LaunchPad competition are encouraged to prepare up to 2 minutes of footage which best showcases their talents in their chosen sport. The videos should include varying skills, different terrain/conditions, and also try to show the personality of the rider. Music overlay and video editing are not essential, but recommended, as this 2 minute footage reel will be the riders opportunity to capture the audience and increase their votes.

Success in this competition will rely on how many votes riders can generate for their video. The winner of the BWC LaunchPad competition will win an exclusive sponsorship package from BWC: This includes a full BWC clothing pack and professional photo and video shoots. The riders will also receive reimbursement of up to $250 for competition entry fees in the first year!

Another large part of the BWC mission is a strong commitment to protecting and conserving the amazing natural environment that provides the platform for most of our passion, and also to support the countless organizations out there who give so much to get others in the water, on the slopes, or rolling around on four wheels.

A big chunk of all profit earned from the sales of our merchandise goes straight to supporting our young riders and the charities that support, promote, and encourage others into the sports we love.

For more information about BWC, Launchpad entry and details, or for a full list of the charities we support, visit the website -