Babes Take The Warehouse: Liz Pike / by Kian West

This Sunday in The Cambridge Hotel - Babes Take The Warehouse - is a showcase of incredible female talent in Newcastle. With an abundance of creative females, we sat down with local artist Liz Pike for our September issue. Ahead of that though, here are a couple of things you might not know about her, to get you in the mood for Sunday. Plus, we hear she is going to have an amazing table setup with art and zines available to buy!

liz pike artist newcastle

You’ve got a stall coming up for the Babes Take The Warehouse event, What does a stall really mean for you?
For me, it means me taking on some zines. I'm really excited to take on that side, I love them and have never done them myself. Working with music through Abicus and No-Fi is something I really love so I’m potentially going to make mix CD playlists to go with them including little artworks inside. But just making enough work to be able to cover the stall is going to be interesting and something new for me.

That is pretty exciting. And so I guess No-Fi started out as this musical label to try and push Newcastle artists - are there key artists in that or around Newcastle that you really like?
Definitely. Musically?
 Yes, absolutely. I love all the bands in the No-Fi family. A couple of my close friends are in a few of the bands and it’s been really lovely to see them grow through No-Fi from really small gigs at Peppertown to the festivals they’ve been putting together now. I think the beauty of No-Fi is the difference in the bands as well. Like, to see a Raave Tapes show is so much fun and then to see a Vacations show is so much fun but in a totally different way. I’ve also been really loving Belle Badi, E4444E, and Fritz lately.

And further afield, do you have a type of music you normally listen to?
It’s Pretty varied. At the moment I'm kind of enjoying tunes from the seventies, like Donnie and Joe Emerson but that's very mixed in with more stuff in the lines of the No-Fi bands. (Sandy) Alex G is my absolute favourite currently and also Dying Adolescence who’re from Sydney.

Yes and, if you are working on art, do you normally have a playlist?
I do, I’m such a playlist person. I'll listen to an album, pick out my favourite songs, put it in a massive playlist. I have a lot of art inspiration playlists but they’re very scattered. They aren’t arranged in a way that necessarily flows but are all really beautiful songs to work to

And would you listen to stuff that's congruent with what you are trying to make?
Yes, absolutely. Like if you were doing something with No-Fi, you usually are listening to No-Fi artists? Definitely, If I'm doing a poster I’ll listen to the band it’s for - I’ve been listening to a lot of Raave Tapes lately while working on the Raave Tapes Shut Down The Argyle House event promo designs

You've got to be in the spirit.
Yeah I'm like trying to absorb that music.
You need to channel their energy.

Do you have any artists that inspire you creatively?
Working within the No-Fi art team has been really inspiring, there’s a team of four of us and I really admire Angus, Hannah, and Krystyan’s styles. Being able to bounce off each other for ideas and feedback has been really valuable and motivating too. I find a lot of inspiration from films as well. I’m very in love with Wes Anderson’s use of colour and that definitely comes into my work sometimes.

Catch Liz this Sunday at the Cambridge Hotel and during September in our print issue.