Awesome Newcastle... and the winner is / by Kian West


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASpoiler alert* It wasn't us!If you don't know anything about Awesome Newcastle you should check out their site via the blog article they've already produced on our attendance and the winners... [here]

In a nutshell, Awesome Newcastle is 10 people getting together with $100 each and pooling this resource and inviting 3 groups/individuals/ideas to present their idea of how they would use $1,000 to not only change their own lives but make a real difference to the community in a positive way, or make it Awesome Newcastle.

While we didn't win, it was still an incredible experience and opportunity to speak with a broad range of professionals in the local community and to think about what we are doing from an alternative angle.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We pitched the idea that if someone gave us $1,000 what we really want to do is buy some better recording gear to enhance our Podcast quality and help us to grow this part of what we do. So if you have a spare grand and you want to help, we'd be happy to provide our bank details.