Are we ever going to, Revitalise Newcastle / by Kian West

"Our 2016 community engagement program. We want to hear from you – the Revitalising Newcastle team is calling for the community to participate in the 2016 Ideas Festival engagement program to share and generate ideas around the future use of Newcastle and Civic stations." Urban Growth NSW Website


While I'm not a big fan of the constant "community consultation" angle I am a big fan of Newcastle and dream of a day when the inner city is the thriving bustling space that a city should be. I am hopeful that team Revitalising Newcastle can turn consultation into action. Dreams into realities. 

If you click on the link above you can find further info in regards to how the consultation process will take place, super annoyingly you need to apply for one of 60 positions that will sit in on a workshop and help guide the process, but hey, maybe they'll pick the 60 most useful people and we will get good insight into what is required with both spaces. 

Personally I'm excited by the prospect that these amazing inner-city locations might transform into state-of-the-art spaces that excite, engage and unite a city. I don't really care what either of them become, so much as I'd love to see spaces that a variety of Novocastrians can utilise. It would be great to see a Youth Venue space again for Newcastle, but maybe something that can be shared with other community groups. I also dream of a hub for startups, new business incubator, multi-use space with super-fast internet and lots of spots for meetings, solo work or developing ideas. Somewhere that is loud and vibrant. But what do I know? 

Jump on the site and have your say on the forum, maybe attend the Walking Tours and put your hat in the ring to be a workshop attendee. Bring exciting ideas to the table and push back against those that seek to shut down anything brilliant that happens in this city... Remember, it is a city, shouldn't we act like one?