An Electric Idea for Newcastle! / by Kian West

Public transport solutions can often become a heated conversation in Newcastle, but as I've often said about this city, there are those that bitch and moan, but there are plenty of others that just get on with the job of making change.

One business getting on with the job of change is Bykko. They have just launched a trial hub out the front of Rethink Financial Group on Dick Street in Newcastle West. There are 3 Electric Bikes setup with charging station that have a pedal assist option that means they can transport the user plenty of Kilometres to get them where they need to go. 

Lord Mayor, Monica (BYKKO), and Cass (Rethink) Checking out the bikes

Lord Mayor, Monica (BYKKO), and Cass (Rethink) Checking out the bikes

Right now this trial is open to signups and would ideally suit anyone living or working in Newcastle West, but you might also consider it an option if you just wanted to jump on a bike and discover Newcastle from a different angle. 

To launch the event Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes and Cassandra from Rethink had a race. 

Who do you think won? 

We are really excited to hear how this trial goes and keen to see other businesses get into the idea and add their own stations!