Amos Wellings: Painting the Sky with Smooth Electronic Sounds / by Brooke Tunbridge

Skyepaint - Press Shot 3.jpg

You might already be familiar with the Newcastle indie electronic duo Amos & Emily, now Amos Wellings has embarked on a solo project, Skyepaint. His debut single “Maybe It’s My Fault” is set to be released this Friday 6th October, but we couldn’t wait that long so have already been listening to the track (sorry but I'm not a patient person).

The project has been described as a modern take on synthpop music, and draws inspiration from 80s pop wrapped in electronic indie sounds. The vocals are as smooth as the layers behind it, blending nicely.

While the music is upbeat, the lyrics are vulnerable, raw, and authentic, “I’m trying to find a better state of mind”, a line I’m sure many of us can relate to at times. “Maybe it’s my fault that the sun lost the will to shine”, dark and honest commentary on the difficult moments of life.

This track came at a time of me discovering my love for electronic indie sounds, and has definitely made me want to explore the genre in greater depth. It's not something I've spent a whole lot of time listening to, but with locals producing tracks like this, that's about to change. 

The single will be available on streaming services this Friday, after that you have a little bit of time to listen before you catch a Skyepoint live show.

Skyepaint’s single launch will be at The Cambridge Hotel on Sunday 3rd December, an east-coast tour in early 2018 is also on the cards.

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