Amos And Emily. A Collaborative Creation. / by Laura Kebby

Newcastle can be quite a transient place, particularly for young creatives. People who are passionate about their craft and choose to explore the big wide world in search of ideas and wonderful times. I had the pleasure of sitting down with one such creative, who is actually one half of an amazing duo. And hey… you’re in luck, they’re actually playing this Thursday eve at the Cambridge! Here’s what transpired one morning, over cold brew and passionate musings.  

“Music has been such an integral part of my life, I grew up listening to music with my parents, I did a music degree. It’s kind of all I know. It’s the only thing I feel truly passionate about”. Talking to Amos it’s so incredibly evident that he is just so mentally involved with the process of creativity. There is such a difference between those who simply choose to play music and those who are creating art. Amos continues, commenting; “I’m pretty lucky that I can be doing what I feel like I’m meant to be doing there’s not really any doubt in that”.  

It seems the creative impulse is so incredibly alive and well and has proved a pretty impressive back catalogue, particularly for Amos. “I have probably somewhere between 50-100 songs that exist but very few of them see the light of day. I think its more about chipping away at them and making everything I do better than the previous thing”. But his current project, like I said, involves a very particular collaboration. “I make music with my friend Emily who now lives in London. Her and I used to play open mic gigs here in Newcastle. She would come to me with lyrics she’d written and I would write music around them. It was kind of a really nice give and take”.

Spending a bunch of time overseas, particularly in London and as Amos quotes “only coming home because my Visa ran out” he spent a lot of time collaborating and simply jamming with Emily. “(In London) we sort of got the old band back together in a way. There was never really a large goal to make anything big enough to release we just kept working on it. But one day I had this realisation oh wow we could really put this out”. And put it out they did, their current single is this combination of dreamy atmospheric pop, layered with such lyrical integrity you’re drawn in from the very first listen. The song in question is of course “Fierce Love” which is now available across all streaming services for those playing at home. It’s also featured on the awesome Mirage compilation CD that features a whole heap of local artists we were crushing on throughout the year. The track features Emily’s vocal’s with an incredibly strong backbone of the piano stylings of the one and only Amos. But this is not a typical ballad. Not at all. I know a lot of people tend to let their mind wander when they discover that a certain track is piano driven. But Fierce Love is backed by this incredible fusion of electronica that appears to propel the track forward, and with every single listen I fell more in love with the sound but more importantly the purposeful layering of sound. That’s important. 

“We released two singles and in January we are releasing an EP, which will include two new songs, as well as the ones we’ve already released. That’s our next release But we are doing essentially our first show on Thursday at the Cambridge which will be really cool. We’ve done open Mic’s and stuff before but never a proper headline show. This will be the first show with full production, its going to be electronic synths and the whole shebang”. Personally I am so incredibly excited to see this passion transcribe on stage and see someone, who so clearly loves music so much, to produce something wonderful in front of a crowd. But Amos, the ever soft spoken, truly wonderful individual comments “Im just so happy to have my friend back”. 

I think it’s important to take the time to comment on the friendships formed through creativity. There is something so complex and heartfelt about the underlying connection which makes or breaks a particular sound. Obviously in the case of Amos and Emily, it’s a definite positive fusion of the minds. 

As I sat hearing the story of Amos and Emily’s creative adventures, even the very depths of my heart were warmed. Two creatives who seemed to fall into one another, with Amos the ever persistent song writer and encouraging a collaborative effort has certainly paid off. One of the most interesting things about our conversation is the simple natural progression of Amos’ creative process. Beginning piano lessons as a young kid, to moving through the angsty teen stage, to realising how much he really loved to play music, to some extent out of necessity almost. My personal opinion? They just make great music. 

Not doing anything on Thursday? Actually… Even if you are, you should head to the Cambridge to see what could possibly be the first and last Amos and Emily show THIS THURSDAY EVENING! It’s summer, you’re probably on holidays, treat yourself… to some cheap beers and of course some incredible tunes. To top it off, Amos and Emily are supported by arguably one of the best electronic outfits in Newcastle - Ceilings. What more could you want? In the meantime you can check out the sweet sweet sounds of Amos and Emily across all streaming services and feast your ears on some local talent.