Amanda Lee from Happiness HQ / by Kian West

Hunter-based business leader and happiness activator, Amanda Lee from Happiness HQ has highlighted the power of the law of attraction in a real-life story that’s recently been published in the latest edition of the world-renowned book series, Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Amanda’s insightful anecdote, titled ‘Attraction in Action’, was chosen amongst thousands of entries for Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams and the Unexplainable. This story involving her son, taps into the life-changing power of intention, and the law of attraction, which is foundational to Amanda’s success as a Life Coach.

Amanda lee happiness HQ chicken soup for the soul

Do you think Novocastrians could implement the law of attraction as a culture?

Most certainly, anyone can deliberately harness it. The law of attraction is a universal law that is always happening. It is a bit like gravity, we don’t decide whether we are going to be affected by it or not. However, once we understand the law of attraction and other universal laws that work in with it, we can be deliberate about what we want to create both as individuals and as a culture. This has been happening over thousands of years, even though some people today put it across as a new phenomenon.

The exciting thing about deliberately working with it as a culture is that when groups of people set the same specific intention together, it has a significant influence. This has been proven in many scientific studies and Lynne McTaggart’s work is one of my favourites in this area. 

When you are teaching people, what gives you the most happiness? 

When I see the lightness come back over their faces and their whole demeanour. I often say that after one or two sessions, it’s as if the ‘sun has come up’ in their eyes again, and they feel a whole new level of peace within themselves. I also love it when they report real positive change in those around them, such as family members and work associates who were previously challenging. When we change our own energy, people and circumstance around us change. As Wayne Dyer said, “change the way you look at things and the things you look at change”.

Why was getting published in Chicken Soup for the Soul so important?

Because this story is truly miraculous and every time I tell it to someone, they get really excited by it and feel a new sense of their own empowerment. They get inspired knowing that if Andrew could manifest an event like this, they can apply the same process for positive change in their lives. The same goes for working with serious challenges as well as the fun, light things, like Andrew meeting his hero. 

What advice do you have for aspiring writers or storytellers? 

Well I am not a seasoned writer myself, but my advice would be to tap into your non-physical energy aspect first and let that natural creativity lead, rather than trying to force things via the analytical mind alone. 

Who would you most like to meet?

That’s a hard one to narrow down because I could name many. I think Richard Gere and the Dalai Lama. They might sound poles apart but they actually have a strong connection!

Where in Newcastle do you most like to go? 

Green Point Reserve. I love the proximity of the bush to the lake. I can be walking within 500m of the suburbs and yet feel as if I’m at an exclusive, remote holiday destination!

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About Happiness HQ and Amanda Lee:


For over 25 years, Amanda worked in the medical and forensic world.  Ten years ago, as a successful business owner, helping to save lives with her medical photography, she had, by all accounts, a great life.  A worthwhile career with good income, working part time as her own boss, and having time to spend with her husband and young children. So, it’s no wonder that her family and friends couldn’t really understand when she frequently brought up the subject that her career was “killing her soul”.

She longed to live with more meaning and still be free to fully enjoy the precious time with her children.

For years, she sought a solution to her problem through dozens of the ‘usual pathways’, but without success. Finally, she came across the concept of living life at a whole new level – through a paradigm shift. Within 3 months she had sold her business (something she had previously thought impossible), and had embarked on her new career, bringing a powerful new paradigm into practical living for hundreds of people.

Today, Amanda runs a successful life coaching business, HappinessHQ, and has established The MAP of YOU, a 5-step framework designed specifically for busy people to create positive change on the go. The MAP of YOU allows people to quickly bring more ease into their lives, regardless of circumstances, and to have more happiness and fulfilment than they previously thought possible. Amanda helps people world-wide as well as in her local town of Newcastle.