A Willingness To Say Yes and Living To Write - Laura Kebby / by Laura Kebby

Image by @soltookthis (you should check out his work because he is incredible, and a great guy too)

Image by @soltookthis (you should check out his work because he is incredible, and a great guy too)

Have you ever thought about what you would do, or how much you would achieve by simply saying yes more? I’ve decided to return back to a project that sees me really living to write, not writing to live. It makes my life very spontaneous and adventurous, but can also involve a lot of late night and the majority of the time, a lot of whiskey. (Neither of which I am really complaining about). Saying yes a lot more to experiences instead of always choosing the safe, and often easy road. I refuse to live a quiet life, thankfully Newcastle is a great place to attempt to amble down the road of excitement and spontaneity.

Depending on who you talk to, opinions will definitely vary around this concept. Some who know me personally but not well say that I give in to peer pressure extremely easy. In fact I don’t think they would even include the word pressure in that sentence. Others, who know me well, know that I will pretty much do anything for an experience to write about, and continue to chase that exciting life. What that exciting life really looks like to me, is slowly yet surely, starting to take shape. I’ve found myself in secret bars at midnight (trust me there are many of them in Newcastle), talking poetry and discussing whiskey by using my finely tuned cowboy scale. Skateboarding in the mall at 1am. Talking morning walks not just for a caffeinated fix. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not one of those throwaway youths with total disregard for my safety and surroundings but… A sheltered life is not one that I choose to lead. I’ve started to chase the buzz of the nightlife again, be engulfed by a sea of singing strangers in the middle of the mosh pit, explore the dark and light sides of romance, and find times to appreciate that I have time to sit and think.

Taking time to get to know more local people. Widening my network, trying new things. These are the things that I am really trying to do with this particular project. Something of which, for me, will always have a local focus. I have so many projects now in the works, things that I haven’t been able to be excited about for months. Getting bogged down in the mundane routine, no more.  

In the weird middle room of my house there’s a strange kind of balcony. Across the road there’s a crane, something which I will have a continuous fascination for. Something about the height perhaps. But to me they always signal a coming of the new, a changing shape or face of something huge. So much of me can feel myself search for my own metaphorical version of a crane. Something to signal a change of pace, a transformation, a step into the new.

I’ve thought many times about leaving Newcastle, some more recently than others but… there is something so incredible about where we live that will never change for me. No matter how far I go, I think I will always find myself coming back. When things go awry, I tend to want to bolt, put as much distance between me and my problems as I possibly can. But unfortunately, this is no way to really function and move forward. This jumble of words, is really a pre-curser. To the exciting, locally based projects I have in the works. And I cannot wait to share them with you.

(Also if anyone is up for testing my cowboy scale theory of whiskey with me, I’m taking enquiries as we speak).