A way to make a film about how we go / by Kian West

Crossing from the world of research, policy and engineering to filmmaking, Jacqui Hicks, a Newcastle local, has set out to put a global and cultural twist on a local issue – urban transport.  In 2013 she travelled to ten cities across four continents to witness, discuss and film what goes on as people travel from A to B. Four years later, after learning a little bit about filming, interviewing, editing and getting much needed technical help, the film 'A way we go' will be screening in Newcastle in June.

Jacqui became interested in transport while taking the train to Newcastle University. She noticed how important her commute, which was twice as long as it would take by car, was to her wellbeing. She was meeting new friends, having a nice walk to and from the station, and getting to relax or knit or read while she was on the train. Since then, she has studied and worked in the world of transport and become a big advocate for cycling. 

She felt compelled to make this film to help the world see that urban transport is much more than the time and cost it takes. On her journey she discovered how transport can play a role in helping create more fun, creative, healthy and caring cities. She was struck by how insightful and inspirational people were in discussing their travel time. But maybe the most surprising part, was how much people actually enjoyed talking about transport – what some might think of as a dry topic.

Brad Klenk, another local, has worked on the sound editing and music composition for the film. While preparing for her travels, buying headphones at a music shop, Jacqui starting discussing her project with Brad. With Brad's background in sound production and Jacqui's complete ignorance in it, Jacqui asked Brad for some help. Since then, Brad has gone on to complete a Bachelor of Audio at SAE in Byron Bay and is starting his own business 'Ascent Audio'.

Jacqui also had help from another local, Shane Burrell from Final Post, who dealt with the colour grading and all other things technical. While there are some small technical flaws that no amount of expertise from these two fellows could fix, the film definitely sounds and looks much more professional than Jacqui could ever have imagined.

The premiere of the film will be held on Friday, 9th June at 7pm at Tower Cinemas in Newcastle. For more information https://a-way-we-go.net/the-film/watch-the-film/