The "Newcastle solution" has long been heralded as what changed the late night problem with violence in our city, but not much attention is given to the people that discussed the problem and looked at how they could change culture through education rather than just rules. 
I'm a big fan of Ben Dewson (we covered him last year READ HERE) and what he has done for our community. It is a pretty brilliant addition to Newcastle with this announcement:

Newcastle is set to benefit from the services of a newly amalgamated security organisation, to be known as Holistic Industries. The new organisation will see what was Holistic Security merge with another Newcastle-based firm, Balance Security Solutions. The merger includes the acquisition of local Registered Training Organisation (RTO), 5th Level Training (5LT), which will now be known as Holistic Training.

The merger will provide Hunter businesses with a first-of-its-kind, comprehensive security offering, covering all facets of security, including patrol, electronic security, and security for crowd control, retail, construction, industrial and residential. Accredited training programmes for people looking to enter or advance their career in the security or hospitality industries will also be offered, with nationally-recognised courses in First Aid, Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) and Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) available.

The formation of Holistic Industries comes in the wake of the success of its predecessor, Holistic Security, which has become known among some of Newcastle’s largest entertainment venues as an industry leader and innovator. Holistic Security has enjoyed strong growth over recent years, credited by many local venues for reducing anti-social behaviour and violence. The company has grown to employ over 100 staff, and services some of the region’s most loved night spots, including the Cambridge Hotel, King Street Hotel, Queens Wharf Hotel and Wests City.

I'd previously asked BenIf you had an opportunity to teach Newcastle one thing, what would it be? Take accountability for your actions.
I still think this is a brilliant way to think about solving issues and with education and a mindset shift, you would be hard pressed to argue that Newcastle isn't a different city in the almost 10 years since these changes were implemented. 
This announcement is a brilliant addition to a holistic approach to providing safety for 1,000s of people across the Hunter! If you are thinking about a job in security, need you RSA/RCG for employment or need some First Aid training, check out Holistic Industries.

https://holisticindustries.com.au/  and https://holistictraining.edu.au/