A gallery of one's own - Meet 3 volunteers from Independent Galleries Newcastle / by Newcastle Discovered

A gallery of one's own
Meet 3 volunteers from Independent Galleries Newcastle


Nadia Aurisch from Back to Back Galleries

Nadia is the volunteer Gallery Officer at Back to Back Galleries, she works with a group of artists, who also volunteer their time and skills to run the gallery. This is where the term, artist-run gallery originates from. Back to Back Galleries is a specialist ceramic gallery which also includes a retail outlet where there is always functional ceramic wares for sale made by members of the Newcastle Studio Potters. As an artist herself, Nadia's own practice is based around ceramics and sculpture. She will complete her Bachelor of Fine Art this year from the University of Newcastle, having already worked for the student Watt Space Gallery during 2015. In July, Nadia will be curating her first exhibition at Back to Back Galleries, the annual 'small' exhibition titled “The Newcastle Way”.


Melissa Bull and Jordon Farrell from Newcastle Art Space

Newcastle Art Space - NAS is also an artist-run gallery, started in 2000 by a group of artist from Newcastle Community Arts Centre on Parry Street, Hamilton East which is where the gallery is currently located. Melissa and Jordon became the co-Directors of the gallery at the end of last year. Previous Directors include long standing Newcastle based artists such as Kerrie Coles, Andy Devine, Caelli-Jo Brooker and recently retired Cessnock Regional Art Gallery Director, John Barnes. NAS, as it is often shortened to, provides invaluable experience to it's volunteers, giving them a complete insight into the day to day running of the gallery, while providing mentorship and administrative support. NAS is a place for learning for both volunteers and for exhibitors. Both Melissa and Jordon have studied Fine Art through the University of Newcastle with Melissa's own art practice exploring colour, organic form, contrast and printing techniques onto ceramics while Jordan's interest lies in art education and gallery management.


Ahn Wells


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