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Independent Galleries Newcastle

Start your own art collection  

There is an abundance of affordable art available to purchase in Newcastle. Instead of mass-produced interior-styling, why not visit one of the 8 Independent Galleries Newcastle and make a more meaningful purchase. Visit cstudios Art Gallery and you will find beautiful paintings by Frances Fussell that will lift any home or office. From June 17 to July 3, Newcastle Potters' inc will be exhibiting and selling from their annual exhibition of functional table and homewares at Back to Back Galleries. Emerging artist, Dan Nelson will be exhibiting at Art Systems Wickham, large paintings and a variety of drawings about the Moon. The traditional act of drawing will be explored at Gallery 139 and Nanshe studio gallery will be presenting a group exhibition around the title Scenic Earth.  If you don't find anything at these exhibitions, there will also be a new exhibition at Gallery Sixty One Revisited.


Meet an artist

Whenever you visit Newcastle Art Space chances are you'll run into one of the exhibiting artistsalso doing the gallery sitting. Take the time to have a real conversation with the artist about their work and gain a deeper understanding into the exhibition. Whether you are an artist yourself or it's your first time visiting an Independent Galleries Newcastle, having a chat to the person looking after that gallery space will definitely add to your experience.


Change your life
Now, this is what art is supposed to do, isn't it? The good kind, that is. Learning directly from a master is certainly special and could change your life, if you let it. At Timeless Textiles during June, Textile Artist Sachiko Kotaka will be running a 2-day felting workshop inspired by the traditional Japanese “Boro” process. Could this be your life changer?


Ahn Wells

Independent Galleries Newcastle