A Cheapskates Guide To Newy. Part 1 / by Laura Kebby

repost @xscaroline

repost @xscaroline

I take a lot of pride in finding the cheapest places to eat, drink and be merry. My Mum always used to tell me that I lived a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget. But I think it's actually much more accurate to say that I really just want to live a beer lifestyle on a Little Fat Lamb budget. So... I thought I would sit down and start compiling a list of places that do stuff on the cheap.


Ok. They Make the BEST burgers in town, no exceptions to this rule. And as a bonus, on Thursdays, these $10 burgers come with free fries. I'm a huge fan of the Firebird, but make sure you get a tasty beverage to wash that sucker down cause man, it is straight fire. In the best possible way of course.

The Embassy Cafe


Here you can get an $8 breakfast. And a breakfast that will keep you full all flipping day. Because that's exactly what an all day breakfast is all about. And when it comes with chips, and all you can eat sauce. You're on an absolute winner.

Happy Hour At The Lucky

$5 Beers from 4-6 on weekdays. Now this is the kind of time frame I will always and forever get behind. Cool little section of craft beers on tap and a cool vibe to boot.

So there you have it, three places to get you and your pocket change started on the right foot. Stay tuned throughout the week for some more penny pinching places to eat, drink and be merry.