A chat with Kira Puru, by Kian West / by Kian West

The kind of Molotov cocktail you might enjoy. 

Kira Puru press shot

Before you jump on your high-horse complaining that "Kira isn't a Novocastrian, why are you writing about her?" she is. Straight up, she moved to Melbourne a couple of years ago to "give up on the whole music scene thing and get a job as an accountant, buy a house and start a family" but none of that actually happened. 
As it turned out, simply the thought of giving in on the dream of music was enough and she soon received a call to collaborate with Illy on a track and has since worked with the likes of Paul Kelly, Paul Mac and Urthboy. Lucky for all of us! 
I called up Kira for a quick chat ahead of her return home on June 16 for a headline show at The Cambridge Hotel while my play count for newest single 'Molotov' was rounding out to 20 odd plays already in the past 24hrs. Basically, if you haven't already heard, it is a banger. 
She might not have answered the phone straight away because "I was busy patting a dog" which is a pretty fair excuse. 

Molotov dropped about 24hrs ago, impressive track, I've had it on high repeat. How are you feeling about it? 

Kira: It is very awesome. I've been chomping at the bit to get a new track out. Tension was released back in October and we are now in June. I've been so excited about the songs we have written. Anxious about what people might think. It has been a tense six months waiting to put it out. 

Why did it take so long? 

Ummm... I don't know. I think, I've been very busy, and Tension was going really well for us. Since its release I've done a bunch of tours with a bunch of different people. Writing a bunch of tracks. Our focus has been on the music that we write completely representing me and every time we put something out its like the best representation of who I am and the right timing for it. 

You have been very busy touring, didn't you just finish a big tour with Vera Blue?

Yeah, last week we finished. The live shows have only really been happening for the last 5 months. In that time I've been focusing on getting the live show together. The songs are feeling really good.

Talking about live shows, aren't you on the lineup for Listen Out? Should people expect a different live show? 

I am. By Listen Out? Yeah. If the last couple of months are anything to go by then totally. We've changed the set a few times. There are more songs than we can fit basically in a set so we are trialling all different things and I am writing a lot. It'd be a pretty safe bet. 

You are coming back home soon to the Cambo?

Yes! I am really excited. I haven't played at home in... I did a show at the Lock-up, a really low key little 2 piece thing maybe 2 years ago, but prior to that I don't think I've played at home in maybe 5 ish years.

Such a long time between drinks. What should people expect? Weird shit tends to happen when you come back home. 

Yeah, that is true. It is certainly going to be a special gig for me, as I said it has been a really long time since I played my own music there.  It does always feel a little extra special to play to your own hometown crowd. I think people that come to the hometown show will definitely get a little something extra from me and I can guarantee that the live show, playing some big shows lately, everything, the band just feels really tight and the music is fun. Super excited for our first big headline show for the year to be in Newcastle. I am pumped. 

Do you know much about the Newcastle Music scene at the moment? 

Look, I don't know heaps, I've been talking to a couple of friends recently about it. I recently did a show for Triple J Unearthed and I was looking at doing a hometown special and in that time I got to listen to a few cool new bands that I hadn't heard of, and of course I know a few big ones like Raave Tapes and Grace Turner, who is a friend of mine, who are your picks? 

Oh... I like both of them. I like Fritz, she is blowing up, personally, some big favourites of mine are Demi Mitchell and Lachlan X. Morris.

I met Demi when she was 16 through a mutual friend. I think she contacted me through Myspace, I think Demi and I were Myspace friends.

Wow. When the internet was pure. 

It is nice to reconnect with the music scene. It is cool to watch the trajectory of people like Demi. I like, there is a good sense of community in the Newcastle art scene which I think is nice. 

We wish you came home more often.

[laughs] I think I will. I'll endeavour to come home more often.

Any more music in the pipeline for 2018?

100% Yeah, I'm working to put a record out, I can't really say at this point if it will be an EP or an LP, but if I have my way there will be one or two more singles before the end of the year, at least. 

We will have to pester the powers that be.

Well, if people buy it and come to the shows then the demand is there and I'll have to do it. 

Any words of advice, especially to young women that might be inspired to join the music industry? 

My advice is just, don't compromise, and be yourself. Be yourself and don't compromise... and don't let an old white man tell you what to do. 

Catch her live at The Cambridge Hotel June 15 for the bargain-priced $13 (TICKETS HERE)

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