A change in Inertia? by William Gleeson / by William Gleeson

We could see eight-foot waves crashing across the entire coast from the top level of the NeW Space building. The rocks propelled the crushed sea water another 12 foot into the sky. Liam explained to me there was a very strong current dragging huge amounts of water towards Stockton, creating some big waves in the harbour.

Photo provided by  GOLL4N

Photo provided by GOLL4N

It has been at least twelve months since I interviewed Gray. This chat about the storm already tells me a lot about the in-depth thought he puts into writing music. Still polite and laid-back, but showing a stricter and more energised focus. Now he is drawn towards creating a more diverse sound for Inertia. He said it was a hard task deleting all of the music from his hard drive and the internet, ensuring it’s gone from everywhere. But he knew he had to do it, in order to move forward and make change happen. He also assures me in a strict tone that ‘Time for surfing is time for surfing, and time for music is time for music’. Now it’s all about analysing each other’s ideas’ and seeing what works. 

Gray was not happy working solo. He likes to create music he can enjoy himself. After a few months of re-listening and analysing his previous tracks, he realised just how unhappy he was with his music, giving him strong reason to bring in new members Callum Schuck and Chris Barnett. They also share the view that everyone’s input and ideas should be explored, getting constant feedback. 

Gray said, ‘It was really good having everyone’s input. As a band I think we are pretty cohesive; everyone’s ideas we give a go, and they generally seem to work, and we run with whatever we find, really. I’m really enjoying that part of being in a band, giving everyone feedback. It’s been really good.’

The new influences are far and wide apart. Callum finds his ideas while walking through bushland. Chris gets his ideas after a few… A few too many. The single ‘Air’ has already shown how Inertia has a new abundance of creativity, with more activity and a stronger focus. 

Inertia pictured at Sawtooth Studios by GOLL4N

Inertia pictured at Sawtooth Studios by GOLL4N

They will be playing at the Cambridge Hotel on the 8th of July. Click here to hear Inertia’s new single on bandcamp and keep an eye out for more gigs on their Facebook page


William Gleeson is a music journalist and webcaster. He is the producer and presenter of the local music program 'Indie Collective’ on Tuesday nights from 7pm.