Top 3 Gigs for Weekend Workers, by Jess Moog / by Jessica Moog

A weekly live music guide for Novacastrians who suffer from the weekend work grind.



WHEN: Tuesday 31st October

WHERE: NEX – Wests City

SOUNDS LIKE: Somewhere in between The Offspring and The Living End but also with a subtle twinge of Rage Against the Machine, so basically just a throw-yourself-around-until-you-die type gig.

Event deets here.




Bernard Fanning

WHEN: Wednesday 1ST November

WHERE: The Cambridge Hotel

SOUNDS LIKE: Arguably one of Straya’s best musos, which is pretty much all the information you need.

Event deets here.




Machine Machine ‘Big Fat Mama’ Tour

WHEN: Thursday 2nd November

WHERE: The Small Ballroom

SOUNDS LIKE: Good Boy, The Vanns and Sticky Fingers all blended together in a big ol’ banger smoothie.

Event deets here.