Krytyan Nowak Interview, by Hunter Powell / by Hunter Powell

Krystyan Nowak is an Artist, Music lover, film lover, Dog enthusiast, Co-founder of No-Fi Records and event coordinator extraordinaire, I’m sure ive missed something. Krystyan recently played a big role in organising Grow up festival which was a music and arts festival that was held at Maitland regional art gallery he tells me following that he is focusing on being back in the studio working on some of his own projects. He is a good friend and an amazing talent. I recommend checking out his art which FYI he puts out under the name Buster. Also keep an eye out for events he maybe be a part of in the future. Recently I asked Krystyan some questions and he gave me some answers.


H: What was the last piece of art you made?

K: I did a few illustrations of my dog Phoenix. She’s been my dog for many years now and she’s very special to me. The intention with the series was to immortalise her in these images

H: What was the last piece of art you admired?

K: I saw an exhibition at White Rabbit gallery a week or so back. The exhibition was called Ritual Spirit and it was all about how art can connect with the soul and the spiritual world. I admired the whole show, especially a series of video installations called 'Joss' by a Chinese artist called Cheng Ran. The videos featured a number of objects blowing up in slow motion and beautiful music played over the top. You could walk around the screens and it was powerful yet very simple in execution. I love that

H: Anyone that knows you knows you are quite the movie buff here are some questions on film

What is a fill people should watch?

K: Slacker by Richard Linklater. It was his first film. I wouldn’t say his best, but a great gateway into his themes. He’s my favourite director at the moment. If you like that check out the rest of his filmography

H: What is a movie people shouldn’t watch?

K: Triumph des Willens (1935) aka Triumph of the Will. It’s a Nazi propaganda film Adolf Hitler commissioned in WW2

H: Good answer

     Who performed better in the movie Wedding Crashers, Vince Vaughn or Owen Wilson?

K: I’ve never seen it. But my answer is Vince Vaughn

H: Who would win in a fight between Steven Seagal and 10 organised, hyper intelligent seagulls?  

K: It’s equal I reckon. I’ll have to quote the tagline from Alien vs. Predator “whoever wins… we lose”

H: You recently played a big part in organising grow up festival at Maitland Regional Art Gallery. What was your favourite moment from that event?

K: The very hour it started stood out to me. When it all Kicked off. Almost a year of conceptualising, development, paperwork and meetings. Then all of a sudden it was real. Very proud of the event as a whole.

H: Lastly, speaking of growing up what was the first thing you remembered wanting to be when you grew up?

K: Visual artist. Honestly, it’s all I’ve been thinking about being since I was a small boy.

H: That’s from me man. Cheers

K: Too easy! No worries brother

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Some examples of Krystyan’s poster and Record cover Artworks: 



kman 6 .jpg