Luke Hay Interview, by Hunter Powell / by Hunter Powell

"Had a Head collision with some bloke during Dune Rats"

Luke Hay whether you know him or not, If you go out and listen to Live music in Newcastle you’ve probably heard him play. Playing in Voodoo Youth (I am also in this band), William John Jr and playing guest spots for the likes of Raave Tapes. He is a terrific guy, bass player and songwriter. Check out Luke’s solo project Red Rocket as well as all the other great stuff he’s been apart off.

H: William John or Elton John?

L: William John

H: What is your favourite cartoon?

L: Probably SpongeBob

H: Snow patrol the band or Border patrol the TV show?

L: I feel like good border patrol episodes are few and far between so Snow patrol

H: Favourite rap verse?

L: At the moment Big Seans Last verse in Sacrifices

H: What was the first concert you went to?

L: The Vines at Metro Theatre

H: What was the last concert you went to?

L: Yours and Owls on the weekend in Wollongong

H: Oh yeah you said you were going to that how was it?

L: Cracked my head open hey man. Had to get staples in my head

H: You all good?

     What happened?   

L: Yeah all good homie getting them out on Monday man

    Had a Head collision with some bloke during Dune Rats

H: What was the best set you saw?

L: Pinheads

H: Margaritas or Margarita Pizza?

L: Margarita Pizza

H: Do You plan on putting out anymore music under Red Rocket?

L: Um I do

    I’m still writing a lot hopefully in the future I will

H: Do you have anything in the works with William John Jr?

L: Keep an eye out is my tip

H: Thanks for chatting mate.

L: Too easy muchacho thanks brother

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