7 Reasons To Attend Wicking Out! / by Newcastle Discovered

7 Reasons To Attend Wicking Out!

Carb on Carb - Practising for Retirement

  Carb on Carb are DIY legends, and have come around to Newcastle a few times before. This time, they're touring on the back of a new 7" single. Practising for Retirement is the A-side, and has so much of what I love about this band. Self-deprecating but insightful lyrics and some busy drum work. James and Nicole are the best, and I'm so excited to have them in town for this show.


FeelsClub - AEIKNOWU

I first saw FeelsClub play with Raave Tapes for their "Say Thanks" show. They blew me away, and this new song is no exception. They're going to be playing just after dark at an outdoors venue, and we're organising a pretty wild stage show for them as well. St Jonnie is one of the most engaging front-people I've seen, don't miss this band.


Cloud Tangle - Almost Close To You

Amber is a ridiculously good songwriter. I don't really understand how musicians use technology and play, meaning this is even more impressive to me. This song in particular reminds me of material from The Middle East's first EP, which is basically the highest praise I can give to any band. She's playing early, and I'm looking forward to blissing out to this set.

Rachel Maria Cox - Emotionally Untidy

Watching RMC Band transition from simply recreating their solo tracks in a live setting to becoming Newcastle's best party band has been a joy to watch. In summary, these are great people making upbeat music about serious stuff. If you're looking to dance, we've got you covered.

Dying Adolescence - warm lights, will it be alright?

My housemates have been friends with Mikey for years now, so to be hosting his first Newcastle show is pretty special. Campbell Burns (Vacations) thinks Mikey's one of the most intense solo performers he's played with, so get ready for an experience. I love music that doesn't run from its emotions, and the latest Dying Adolescence EP delivers that in spades .

Vacations - Relax

Hometown heroes, the boys in Vacations are some of my best friends, and probably yours as well. We've got some special plans for them, including the festival exclusive premiere of a new video clip during their set.

prizegiving - Sarah (Snow)

Wicking Out! will be the last Prizegiving show in Australia for their debut tour. An emo-tinged rock band from New Zealand, I've been excited to see this band for over a year, and from what I've heard about their live sets, you should be excited too.

So come along! JUNE 10th! DETAILS HERE