The Real Film Festival / by David Fulham


The first weekend of August saw another year of The Real Film Festival come to pass, and if you missed out then you are surely a goose, because you missed something dear, and something special. Including the premiere of this writer’s film, ‘The G Man: A Gamer’! The Real Film Festival’s program invites both young and mature filmmakers to engage with the art of video production. You can participate in a variety of workshops held with industry insiders, shoot and submit your own film, and of course; watch movies made by other aspiring producers. All entries into the annual event must be based on true stories, often providing an insight in to the lives of those that likely would have otherwise gone untold. It makes for a wonderfully unique and rewarding experience, grown from the grass roots. Much like my kick ass organic herb garden, which is thriving at the moment (I’ll take this opportunity to mention that we’re coming in to spring right now, so get busy with your Basil, Chives and Mint).

A stunning Honeysuckle afternoon inside the McIntyre Theatre at Newcastle’s recently re-developed Museum provided the setting for the ‘Short films & Docos’ screening, where an abundance of film enthusiasts rallied to devour some of the best entries in the category. Characters from all walks of life were profiled (Sportspeople, Chefs, Yoga aficionados etc.) showcasing the strength and diversity of cultures that exist in Australia today.

The filmmakers really pushed their subjects for depth, and the festival was an invaluable opportunity for amateur movie creators to explore film process and technique in a public setting. Hearing stories of our community, our history, you can’t help but feel connected. It’s enticing - Just like my beautiful herb garden.


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