60 seconds with MATT MELER / by Kian West


60 Seconds with MATT MELER

Interview by KIAN WEST

MM_WEBMatt, We caught up with you 12 months ago, would you say there have been any major changes in the music you are creating? For those that didn’t catch the last article, How would you describe the music that you make?     A bit of stuff has changed  after travelling to the States and Europe last year. All good changes though that just make me strive towards my musical goals. The music I make has stemmed from so many influences, and I'm still very wet behind the ears when it comes to production and writing. It's usually House driven with hints of Disco in there, but I find it can really vary though, like there are a bunch of things I'm doing at the moment that are very deep and dance-floor driven that you'd expect to hear after 3am in a club, I just go with what comes out.

What are you working on at the moment?   Fair-bit going on, got some cool collabs finishing up that I can't wait to be out. I've learnt a lot by working with other producers, musicians & vocalists, by the varied approach they take to writing and how they develop a record. It helps you break your usual patterns and makes you think out of your box. There are also a bunch of originals in the pipeline; one of which should be out by the time this goes to print ….. I hope. I'm super excited about it.

Where can people catch you playing in Newcastle?      On a weekly basis I'll usually be at Merewether Surfhouse, The Landing or The Delany, which are all pretty different musically which is always fun and keeps me on my toes. I'm also at 'District' a couple of times a month getting rude playing burners on a big sound-system … Haha … Which has been awesome.

When is the next release?     This is the one I'm excited about, It's on a UK Label called 'Guess Recordings', home to 'Spiritchaser' (Check them out). The record is 'I Can't Believe It' Featuring an amazing vocalist from Sydney 'Erin Marshall'. It's on the deeper and more moody edge, pretty stripped back with a stunning vocal by Erin. There is a great remix package with it too and film-clip to match. Should see it out mid-year, perhaps a touch earlier.

We asked you previously who your biggest influence is, but is there anyone new to the scene that is currently inspiring you? Does this affect your music? I've been diggin' heaps of new stuff actually, big fan of Chela, Motez & James Blake at the moment. Also, Tensnake who is not new but does have a new album out 'Glow' is dope too. It definitely affects my music, possibly because I listen to so much stuff, like today I listened to a Crazy P record when I woke up, some Steely Dan at lunch and when I was in the car I had the ABC on playing Classical, so random sometimes, but it's what I was in the mood for at the time. I think it helps me get out of one mindset and draw influence from various genres.

1965649_516004721838725_3665806445957577309_oWho do you really want to work with?    Hmmm, there's a few. One of them is totally cliché: Nile Rodgers. The guy is a total genius. Vocally I'd love to work with Danielle Moore from Crazy P or MNEK. Lastly MK (Marc Kinchen).

This wasn’t a question you asked me but I'd like to mention a small tribute to one, of if not my biggest influences that got me into dj'ing and House music; Frankie Knuckles 'The Godfather Of House', who passed away on the 31st March. Rest In Peace.