60 seconds with Madalyn Ward / by Kian West


Madalyn Ward

By Kian West

1.  How would you describe the art that you make?

I am a visual storyteller who experiments with a range of mediums and processes, so to narrow down my style is quite difficult. My work is very emotive, and greatly inspired by cultural motifs and beliefs from our own cultural heritage, and by Indigenous beliefs which connect land and spirit.


2. What are you working on at the moment?

I am working on a body of work for my up and coming exhibition at four point gallery, including illustrations, clay wall sculptures and a mixed media artwork depicting my own contemporary folklore interpretations inspired by places I have lived and visited

3. Where is your next show?

At four point gallery, 30 August 2015


4. When are you most creative?

When my son is sleeping


5. Who is your biggest influence/s?

Definitely my son, as he has taught me to ‘play’ again, Yayoi Kusama for her experimental and multidisciplinary practice, Simryn Gill,


6. If you could work anywhere where would it be?

I’ve always been interested in Berlin, so I would love to do attend a residency program