60 seconds with - HOREGEOUS / by Ryan Williams



By Ryan Williams


nm_web_images_11Excuse my ignorance, but how do you pronounce the name of the band? It's pronounced like gorgeous but with an H, it was spelt Whoregeous for a while then we decided to drop the W for no apparent reason. It essentially means super sexy, dirty girls.

And how do you describe your sound? Influences? Rock & Roll with some bluesy elements, influences would be Queens of the Stone age, Royal Bloods, Band of Skulls, Led Zeppelin, booze.

What is team Hore working on at the moment? The Hore team is currently starting to write a new EP which may well turn into an album with the way writing is going. Either way it's going to be called Ultra Violent Tennessee Cobblers, it will be phat and loud and in your face.

What's the biggest moment you've had as a band? hmmm thats a tough one, I'd say probably when we headlined a show at the Standard in Sydney, its a massive venue and the best stage we have played on. sound was great, supports band were awesome, and everyone had a great time!

Here's possibly the most important question of the interview - how many tattoos do the members of Horegeous have? Well I can only speak for myself, which I have 5 silly rock & roll tattoo's, I know Chris (bass) has a few as well and innocent Sweet D (Dale-drums) hasn't got any, he has probably pierced his cock by now though.

Anything else you'd like to add? Keep your eyes peeled for when we are playing near you! and check us out online!

Finally, why should everyone run out attend the next Horegeous gig? So you can come have a bogey to some live music and get nice and boozy with us!