60 seconds with... Hide & Seeker / by Kian West


60 seconds with…. Hide & Seeker

With Geordie Malone and Eartha Smith

By Kian West



I have to start by commenting on one of the most incredible Instagram competitions and the reason you caught our attention, what a cracker of an image of you Geordie laying across a bench, super suave, with “Totes, I mother flippin’ make em” in what felt like a very 70s groovy styling, but the two of you, Geordie and Eartha, you have an amazing little shop “Hide & Seeker” on Beaumont Street. Can you tell us a little bit about the shop for those that aren’t aware?

G: Thanks man. The competition images were Eartha’s thing. It made her laugh a lot when she was making them.

E: I’m a fan of my own work I guess..

G: For me I spend a lot of time lying around on benches looking suave so it was no big deal.

E: We opened the shop in July. It’s a mix of Geordie’s leatherwork creations and my vintage collection. We also set it up so that Geordie’s workshop is in there so he’s in there every day making stuff.



How do you both juggle this along with two kids, Howlin’ Jack Watt and Emmylou Fox Malone?

E: Sometimes it feels like it’s literally a juggle, one of us chucks a kid at the other one as they’re running out the door.

G: It’s all still pretty fresh so we’re just working it out as we go. We live in a warehouse really close by so there’s lots of running back and forth. Luckily we’ve got lots of awesome friends and family who help out heaps or we wouldn’t be able to do it.



Geordie, when did you first start making with Leather?

G: I started about five years ago. I was looking for a good quality simple design wallet and belt for myself and couldn’t find one so I decided to make one. A good friend of mine showed me the basics and I just kind of went from there. I’ve always been pretty good at designing and making stuff. I’ve done a lot of building with wood so it felt like a very natural progression to working with leather.



And Eartha, has there always been a fascination with vintage clothes?

E: Yeah always. When I was little mum did all of our shopping at op shops and markets and I guess I got hooked young. For me personally I love wearing something that no-one else has and the quality of the old stuff is so good. I love hunting for awesome vintage finds and now I’ve worked out a way I can travel overseas searching for vintage. That makes it even more exciting for me.



Here at Mirage, we are big fans of the “Shop local” philosophy, I happened to bump into you Geordie at the last Olive Tree Markets, are you visiting any markets in December?

G: Yeah definitely. We’ve both done a lot of markets and we’re really into the market vibe. Luckily here in Newie we’ve got two great markets, The Olive Tree and Hunt & Gather and we’ll be doing both of those plus the shop in December. It’ll be a bit crazy.




Anything else Novocastrian readers should know?

E: Obviously we think our shop rocks, but there are also a bunch of other great shops in Islington. It’s become a little hub of good stuff and if you live in Newie and haven’t checked Islington out yet you definitely should.