60 seconds with... Heartattack & Vine / by Kian West


THEIR ABOUT SECTION STATES "Rock/Blues Band from Newcastle with a sound influenced by Led Zeppelin, Black Crowes, Stevie Ray Vaughan and The Rolling Stones. Heartattack and Vine have been playing for the last year and a half, and have supported acts such as Kevin Borich's Party Boys, Nat Col & the Kings, Agents of Peace and The Fumes." WHICH WAS ENOUGH TO GRAB OUR ATTENTION AND WE GOT TO CHAT WITH ADAM FROM HEARTATTACK AND VINE FOR THE OCTOBER EDITION. IF YOU LIKE WHAT YOU READ YOU CAN CATCH THEM AT MOJO BURNING1150387_588270727883153_1707109592_n!

Heartattack & Vine (Adam)

By Kian West

So, tell us, who is in the band? Well it's taken a few good years and some changes to find the right line up but since its conception Adam Osmanovic (vocals + guitar) and Mitch Kursa (drums) have been at its roots and recently Brennan Fell has been a most welcome addition on bass.

For those that haven’t heard of you, what do you sound like? Hard rock with blues and rock and roll roots. Some influences are much more noticeable than others but theres definitely an emphasis on high energy hard hitting riff driven rock.

Where is the next gig? Our next show will be at The Wickham Park Hotel on Friday 10th of October from 9pm. We're also excited to be part of the Mojo Road Sho on Fri October 17th @ the Great Northern sharing the bill with the likes of Transvaal Diamond Syndicate and Voodoo Express. We are Stoked to be able to perform with bands that we are genuinely interested in and would normally go out of our way to see perform.

When did you guys start playing together? Mitch and I go way back to high school in the early 2000’s and H&V started to take shape around the late 2000’s. the current line up has been performing for the last two years.

Who inspires you as a group? We have been fortunate enough to support major Australian music influences of ours such as, Kevin Borich’s Party Boys featuring Angry Anderson and Swanee, Nathan Cavalieris' Nat Col & the Kings and Grant Warmsley and the Agents Of Peace who in one form or another have been inspirations for us to perform and play music. Aussie rock groups such as the Screaming Jets, Rose Tattoo and more recently Chase the Sun are not only influential but inspirational.  Musically we draw influences from rhythm n blues and rock and roll spanning many decades. But witnessing first hand at a live, local and somewhat intimate level the atmosphere, power and magic of live performances from bands and musicians we have listened to when we were younger really serves as inspiration to not only create and write but to get out and perform!

Anything else Novocastrians should know about you? We like to have a beer or twenty after a show. So if you're attractive, come drink with us!