60 seconds with - By Design / by Ryan Williams


BY DESIGN TOOK NEWCASTLE MUSIC TO THE NEXT LEVEL WITH PREVIOUS RELEASE SPACES [2012]. WHEN WE HEARD THIS DREAM TEAM WERE WORKING ON A FOLLOW-UP, WE GRABBED JAYSON FOR A CHAT QUICK SMART. For people who haven’t heard your music, how would you describe By Design? I guess I’d describe our music as the result of us blending up all the influences from our favourite bands. I know this sounds kind of standard, considering that’s what all bands aim to do - but we aim to be as unique as possible in the process. It doesn’t matter what genre it is, or what instrument it is, or what time period it was from - if we like the sounds of something, we’ll try to make it work. Our first album was a heavy pop rock/electro kind of vibe, but our new album is more alternative rock with a world-ish twist to it. I guess you’ll just have to hear it. Who/what are your influences? To list some of our influences, I’d say artists such as Muse, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Metallica, Moby, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Meshuggah, Johnny Cash and we also draw a huge influence from Justin Timberlake. All of those names might sound strange when you place them together like that, but again, we try to make it all work. What are you working on at the moment? We’re currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on our second album, ‘Reanimator’ which is a follow up to our debut 2012 release, ‘Spaces’. It’s been a long year and a half of studio time, writing and rewriting, but we haven’t ever been this proud of something we’ve done, and can’t wait to get it out there. Without giving it all away, what’s in the ideas behind the album? Concepts? ‘Spaces’ was an initial story of the complications of thought patterns and experiences that can happen to you which lead you to thinking the only thing to do is to run from your problems. In ‘Lightyears’, the story describes leaving the current planet to move to another planet far away, but once you get there, you realise your problems have followed you from lightyears away. ‘Reanimator’ picks up here, and tells the rest of the story in a much more conceptual and straight forward sense, describing that you can beat your problems, but you have to face them first. In the story, the character is stranded on a new planet and has to seek out an ancient power source called ‘Reanimator’ to fix himself, but in the process must conquer his problems that are embodied as incredible monster-like creatures that stand in his way. Where are you recording? We do all of our recording and production ourselves at my studio, Senator Studios, which means we are able to continue giving away our albums for free download once released. It’s great doing things ourselves as we can illustrate our vision perfectly, and there’s no middle man to confuse anything. It also means we aren’t time constrained - which sometimes gets the better of us as we take a bit longer to release things sometimes! - but it’s great to be able to work on something until we are completely happy with the product. When can we expect to hear this stuff? We are hoping to have the album out by May at the latest, but you never know, it could happen sooner! Any gigs lined up? Being a predominant studio band, it’s been a while since we’ve played any shows. Once the album is out, and we are all rehearsed up we’ll be announcing a few tours here and there Is there anything else we should know about you lads? We are bringing out new video clips and other cool online stuff pretty often, and it’s always free. So if you are interested in hearing our music, seeing our clips or want to drop us a line, you can always like our facebook page (facebook.com/bydesignau) and you’ll be kept in the loop!