60 seconds with... Alex Watts / by Kian West


60 Seconds with Alex Watts

By Kian West


1.  How would you describe the music that you make?

I make singer-songwriter rock/pop music that is informed by my love of soul and vintage rhythm and blues.  I like to play with the format to keep things interesting, so sometimes you’ll see me with a horn section, keys and back up vocalists, sometimes as a traditional rockn’roll quartet and sometimes completely solo.  They’re all different experiences that come from the same place, it’s pop music.

2. What are you working on at the moment?

I have a new solo EP out called ‘Sing, Strum & Strut’, which is the first time I’ve made a record without a band.  I spent most of last year touring with just an acoustic guitar, and had some really beautiful experiences performing for hushed rooms in Australia and the UK, so I felt that should be represented on wax.

3. Where is your next event?

I am doing a nine-date tour around the country to launch the record, and Newcastle’s own Kira Puru is coming along for the NSW shows.  She’s an incredible performer so I’m really looking forward to that!  The launch is at The Great Northern on August 29th.  It’s myself and Steve from The Hello Morning performing as a duo, with Kira Puru and Emma Swift both supporting.  It’s gonna be a party!

4. When is the next release?

‘Sing, Strum & Strut’ is available now on 12” vinyl or download from www.alexwatts.com.au thanks to Astound Records.

Alex-Watts-3005. Who is your biggest influence/s?

The Clash and Nick Lowe both managed to channel attitude, clever lyrics, humour, a love of 50’s and 60’s pop, rock and roots music, and great melodies whilst remaining stylistically diverse and musically curious throughout their careers.  Those are records that I always go back to and never fail to spark some kind of musical feeling.

6. If you could play anywhere where would it be?

The Great Northern on August 29th with Kira Puru and Emma Swift, wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!