6 Reasons Why It’s Hard to be a Man, by Andy Holmes / by Newcastle Discovered

6 Reasons Why It’s Hard to be a Man

By Andy

Any person who thinks the world needs meninism is wrong. However…I have compiled a list of six difficulties us poor blokes have to face in our perhaps not-so-privileged life, which I think have been unfairly overlooked in society for too long. So please, before your use this page to wipe up your spilt flat white, read on, and for once in your life take a walk in our crocs.

Toilet Paper

I love getting paid to poop as much as the next person, but when a workmate catches me sauntering to the toilet with a fresh roll of paper in hand, it can mean only one thing. You gals don't know how easy you have it with your ambiguous toilet paper usages.

Enjoying Sports

Like, who cares? Ya know?

Cooking BBQs

Why do men always have to rush to cook the barbecue like they’ll get a cub scout merit badge in testosterone? If I ever get passed those tongs, like some double-ended, phallic trophy, I feel as though I'm being punished. I usually just pour beer on the sausages because I once saw a man do that and he had chest hair.

Drinking Beer

Beer is great. It’s cheap, accessible and drinking it makes your dad accept you as his son. But fucking hell, just once it’d be nice to get a round of passionfruit UDLs at the pub while I pretend to care how the Knights are doing this year.

Can’t Bear Children

I often feel my ovaries melt when I see a cute baby, but I don’t get to express this sentiment without some naysayer pointing out the fault in my knowledge of biology. I don't rub in in that you girls can’t get blue balls!

Pressure to Look Good

Just one day I’d love to be able to wake up, throw on some comfy clothes and shoes, and not feel like it was the title of a Terminator sequel. Girls have it so easy without these unrealistic expectations of beauty imposed on them by society. #smh