5 reasons you need to check out the Newcastle Podcast Network / by Kian West

If you haven't already seen, the Newcastle Podcast Network is a thing.

Not already aware what a Podcast is? Well, it's kind of like a radio program except it is recorded and you can listen to it whenever you like. It's basically the Netflix of talkback radio programs.
There is already one issue up from Dan Beazley and Kian West's show 'Driving around in cars with Microphones' where these gentlemen discuss hot topics like alcohol vending machines at festivals and the shoey. Here are a couple of reasons you should check out the Network.

1. Dan and Kian are full of laughs at the same time as having some serious conversations about their feelings, what it is like for the modern man and what can we do to improve. 

2. Both guys bring the inside track from Newcastle Live and Newcastle Mirage so you can be sure to get some sweet gossip on what is going down in local media. 

3. Random people love speaking into microphones so you can never be sure who is going to pop up in the audio. 

4. More episodes are coming plus there are a couple more different shows coming to the network at the beginning of 2017 so best to be a fan now and not miss out! 

5. Issue One is up right now! (click Here)

You can find them on Instagram and Twitter @Newcastlepodnet