5 reasons to get excited about the Newcastle Beer Festival / by Kian West

After beginning life as the Boardwalk Beer Festival at Honeysuckle, the Newcastle Beer Festival has become an institution for beer lovers locally. This year expanding from a one day celebration to that golden nectar so many of us love into a two day extravaganza featuring all the best NSW breweries and then all the best from the rest of the country. 

Here are just 5 reasons you should buy a ticket to Saturday, Sunday or both days...

1. Beer. Seriously, do I need to list the other 4?

2. Camp Shortland - This year expanding to two days means also needing a bigger site (for all the beer) and lucky for us it'll be in the heart of Newcastle at the park opposite Nobbys Beach. 

3. Expect some funky tunes to entertain you whilst...Drinking Beer! 

4. It's a day time thing so you don't have to stress about feeling too dusty come Monday after tasting some of the finest Beers Australia has to offer! 

5. Created by some of the finest local establishments in Newcastle: Nagisa & The Happy Wombat, and supported by the likes of The Grain Store, MEET, and Baked Uprising, you can be confident that it'll be a top event that also includes some stellar food to keep that belly more than happy. 


Honestly, it sounds like a frother of a day/s and Mirage certainly plans to attend (please give us some tickets Newcastle Beer Fest)

You can get your tickets now HERE