5 reasons to check out 5TH Level Training... / by Kian West

Today I had the luck of catching up with a pretty inspiring guy (hint: December issue) and we had a great chat about this brand new business in Newcastle, 5th Level Training (www.5lt.com.au) and it had me thinking about who should be checking them out... So here are 5 reasons you should!


1. You are finishing school this year and are 18 (or are soon to be) (also handy for the parents of) if you are thinking a hospitality job could be a great fit, maybe you love the idea of being out in the night life but also making sweet cash or maybe you've just realised it might be a good fit around uni next year. You'll need your RSA / RCG and this team have a fantastic approach to their training.

2. You need your First Aid Certificate. Maybe you need to be accredited for work, maybe you've got small children or one on the way and want to be prepared. You could have been close to someone that has recently had a health complication. Whatever the reason, it is a great idea to have you FAC and they can get you up to speed and that piece of paper.

3. CPR Training. You never know when this training could save a life. 

4. With a strong history in providing holistic training for staff in a variety of areas including security staff, the team behind 5th Level Training don't just know what they are talking about when it comes to accreditation, they can give you a hands-on approach and insight into the industry that will help you to stay safe and do the right thing. 

5. You love supporting local businesses having a go and making a positive change to peoples lives in Newcastle. That is what we are all about and it certainly is a driving force to the team at 5th Level Training. Seriously, check them out and register for a course. You could save a life. 

Visit: 5th Level Training