3 Winter Meal Hot Spots - Thanks to @CraveNewcastle / by Newcastle Discovered

3 Winter Meal Hot Spots

As the colder months come into full swing the temptation to stay in is as strong as ever, but there are a few places around town that make venturing out into the cold well worth it!

1.     Basement on Market Street

Located just off Hunter Street Mall, Basement is a cocktail bar that really comes to life at night. They’ve got a range of warm Middle Eastern dishes, quirky cocktails and even mulled cider, all enjoyed by candlelight with a blanket.  


2.     The Tea Project

Tea and winter go hand in hand and The Tea Project is about as cosy as it comes. Enjoy your pot of tea with a beautiful house-made scone. They’re even open late Friday and Saturday nights.


3.     The Locale

To top off their three-course $40 special on Thursday-Saturday nights, The Locale also have great live music every second Friday during winter!


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