3 Recording Studios to help finish that song for Tip Jar / by Kian West

Surely you've heard of Tip Jar already? Tip Jar is a songwriting competition for Novocastrian songwriters. In its inaugural year, Tip Jar sets out to put Newcastle back on the musical map. 
With that in mind, if you have a song written but feel that it could benefit from a quick professional recording, well, we have a couple of local suggestions. 

1. Woodriver Studios - new kids on the block. Woodriver have been pumping out music. Everyone that has set this studio up is also a working musician so they have their finger on the pulse. 

CHIMERA (pictured) @ Woodriver Studios

CHIMERA (pictured) @ Woodriver Studios

2. Tommirock Studios - This team have been around for plenty and certainly know how to polish a tune and set you up with a few skills for whatever is about to happen. 

3. Sawtooth Studios - We love these guys so much we share an office space above their studio. The team behind Sawtooth are also all artists, their studio is a custom build with some incredible acoustics as a result. Their rooms double as a White Screen and Green Screen studio so don't be surprised if there is some rad video being shot in the other room. 

No matter where you go, there are plenty of brilliant options, take a moment to visit a few places and speak with the engineer you would work with. Knowing that you can communicate with one another effectively will mean a much quicker and probably better outcome recording. 

Good Luck and happy entering: www.tipjar.org.au