3 pedal powered businesses making Newy proud / by Kian West

For a long time it seems, Newcastle has felt bound to the hustle and bustle of driving cars into the city to do anything. A long forgotten train line that not everyone wanted to see gone, but few people actually using it. Now it seems, the waves of change are rolling in. Park and ride schemes for city workers appear to be a hit, Transport interchange is open and constantly evolving as we prepare for a light rail network that is going to revolutionise the way Newcastle sees itself and is utilised in the future. 
But that isn't all that is happening in our proud city. Hunter businesses are using a range of creative ideas to build solutions for the modern age and several of them are using pedal power to do so. 

3 Pedal Powered Businesses you should consider:


Much like Uber, Feike allows you to order a driver to your car. They ride their foldable bike to your car, pop it in the boot and drive your car home. Then they ride to the next customer. Perfect Plan B for when you decide to have that extra drink with dinner. 

Swipe & Ride

Often going un-noticed in Newcastle are these Bike Hubs. Used often by tourists to the area they can be a handy way to travel around the Foreshore for an adventure and they seem to be expanding the locations. 


Big fans of this business, we followed their trial late last year in Newcastle West and were excited by the news earlier this year that local council is set to expand this offering to a trial area across a broad spread of Newcastle during 2018. 

Lynch's Hub

Cafe meets bike hire on Newcastle's beautiful Honeysuckle precinct. Plenty of options to get the family out and on some pedal power for a trip around the city.