3 Local Live Music Venues you should visit more often / by Kian West


You might have heard older people talking like "Back in my day Newcastle was full of live music venues" and they might be right in one way, if they are only listing venues that once had live music and no longer do. But Newcastle is still a hot bed of Live & Local music across the city and there are plenty of new venues looking at music differently, for that matter, music is evolving at the same time so it is just moving with the times. To Newcastle Mirage there are 3 really special Live venues currently featuring a heap of local talent on their stages and worth visiting on the regular to inspire your own creativity or simply be entertained by brilliant tunes.


3. The Lass O'Gowrie Hotel - 14 Railway Street, Wickham. The Lass 1

Affectionately known as The Lass, a beautiful venue that is now maybe on the "wrong side of the tracks" after recent Newcastle developments, but still putting on some of fantastic independent music. You can arrive pretty much any night and expect some Live music to be happening. Check out Lass Is More happening regularly on Sundays at the moment. Much vibes.





2. The Cambridge Hotel - 789 Hunter Street, Newcastle West.Cambridge 1

If you are over 18 and like seeing live music there is little doubt you've visited this Novocastrian heartland of Live music. A venue that appears to be back on track delivering what it does best - Live Music - a brilliant mid-sized bandroom "The Glasshouse" has seen 1000s of bands and artists across probably every genre imaginable and looking at the lineup of acts prepared for the rest of 2015 there is certainly something for everyone. Plus they now have Newy Burger Co inside to make sure you can have a delicious burger fix at the same time. #DElicious

Stag 2

1. The Stag & Hunter Hotel - 187 Maitland Road, Mayfield.

We wrote about our love of The Stag about a week ago and it really was the inspiration for this post. The Stag might not be the first place you think of when you think "Live Music venues in Newcastle" but they are certainly making their mark with a real focus on the blues, roots, folk, rock and independent pop music scene both touring and local. Some brilliant monthly nights like the Merewether Fats Blues Jam and a few more tricks up their sleeves with some new additions to the venue coming soon.

The Stag 3Next time you are looking for somewhere to go, think about heading to a Live music venue, just being there while someone performs (a few claps can be nice too) could be the inspiration that artist/s need to keep going and you never know, you might just see the next "big thing" before they break.




PS> Newcastle Mirage are putting on some live music soon and we'd love you to come. tickets.

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