10 Tracks to get you set for Ministry Of Sound Reunion Tour (June 3 @ The Cambridge Hotel) / by Newcastle Discovered

Big thanks to Barney aka Kato aka Wordlife for this stellar tracklist to get you pumped for MOS: Reunion Tour hitting The Cambridge Hotel on June 3rd! 

10. Daft Punk - Prime Time Of Your Life [Para One Remix]

This 'Human After All' era marks the last time Daft Punk we're good and I know for alot of people this tour is about reliving the 'Prime Time Of You Life' so it's fitting this makes the list but it's also a mind melting banger and that's really the point right.

9. Vitalic - La Rock 01

"As Heard On Radio Soulwax vol 2" was where alot of this 2007 nostalgia started back in 2003, I heard it and I was all like man fuck that boring breakbeat shit which was fun when it started in mid-late 90s but had pretty much disintegrated into funky breaks bastardised bootleg crap, funny thing is now breakbeats are fucking awesome again which just goes to show all that is uncool once again becomes cool and then again uncool and then again cool but on a serious tip if you value your insanity La Rock 01 is the perfect melon twister for you.

8. Debonair Samir - Samir's Theme

So our little party Bandit's came along after Bang Gang ended their run at Club 77 so they could move on to ruling the world [and often coming back to headline Bandits] around this time I started experimenting dropping Baltimore club tunes in the mix at first people we're like 'I can't dance to this' but eventually this turned out to be THE TUNE around that time.

7. Soulwax, James Murphy, Nancy Whang - NY Excuse

This tune was played alot at the time because everyone was playing faster but now everyones playing the records pitched down in the mid 120s and leaving this out cause it's rather fast and it needs to be played fast but I'm gonna pitch things the fuck up and jam it in their because it def needs to be heard again and Soulwax, James and Nancy are the absolute lords. Feel free to ask me about the time James Murphy judo threw me over his shoulder one day too.

6. Surkin - Radio Fireworks

Institubes we're one of the coolest labels of the era [definitely the coolest sleeve design other than Ed Banger] and this was really the tour de force track on the label. Purely electronic but capturing all the energy of a great rock n roll wigout this is one you may have forgot but you'll definitely remember.

5. Radioclit - Mature Macho Machine [Solid Groove and Sinden remix]

Around this time I also used to love the french raps from groups like TTC [who are featured on this] and the early UK Grime stuff was also sick [A young Skepta also features on this]. Solid groove is also Switch and he along with Sinden masterminded the fidget house genre which eventually went pear shaped as all trendy genres do but this timeless track has been in my record bag from then til now almost constantly.

4. Homemade Mash Ups

Around this period every Dj worth his salt had a few of his own homemade mash ups. Before I learned Ableton I teamed up with Spruce Lee to mash Pitbull over the Presets 'Steamworks' and Dan Aux mixing M.I.A's 'bucky done gun' with switch's 'A bit Patchy' and another favourite was Sisqo's 'Thong Song' over Justin Martin's Tricky beat. We used to swap em, trade em, gotta catch em all. I dug through hard drive after hard drive and some old cd's to try and bring as many on the tour as I can.

Note: KATO didn't supply this song, but we couldn't find a mashup from the list so...

3. Scott Grooves - Mothership Re-connection [Daft Punk Remix]

This is the best Daft Punk remix ever. It also has the best most twisted headbanging breakdown in dance music history. I used to love Daft Punk soooooo much before that awful overcooked disco album.

2. Midnight Juggernauts - Shadows

There was so much good Australian stuff around this time too and this list could have totally gone another way and been 100% Australian jams for the likes of Cut Copy, The Presets, Bag Raiders, Lost Valentinos, Muscles, KIM, Riot In Belgium, The Swiss, Damn Arms and many more but lettuce leaf that for another time.

1. Felix Da Housecat - Silver Screen Shower Scene [Thin White Duke Remix]

One of the first times I ever saw Ajax DJ was at Big Day Out around 2003 and he was dropping stuff like the original of this, wearing pink glasses and a Public Enemy t-shirt and from thenceforth the coolest guy ever was burned into my brain and when he passed away I listened to this version [especially the intro] and it was just super poignant for me and still is every time I hear it. MISS YOU JAXXY

ONE MORE TRACK - Lionel Richie - All Night Long

Part of what made this time great was DJ's digging out all kinds of old indie, pop, disco, rock and dance tracks and just jamming them into sets at weird times. I remember KIM from Presets dropping this at sundown in the Bang Gang tent at Spledour around 2004 and it was just absolute magic and at that point I came to fully understand the term Balaeric.

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Grab your tickets here: www.ministryofsound.com.au/reuniontour