Wavevom - I Learnt 2 Swim / by Kian West

oh lets go out, lets go out
— I learnt to Swim

A very short jangly surf-punk rock song from 2 piece Wavevom. Jed yells at the mic a sad tale of missing out on sunshine and hanging out with friends. These guys create a wall of sound for two pretty simple guys thrashing at drums and guitar. It's an unpolished raw sound that fits perfectly with Newcastles love affair with guitar rock turn pub rock turn stadium hit. Simple, but entertaining. 


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"Wavevom are a 2 piece Surf Punk/Garage Rock band from Newcastle, Australia consisting of Jed Kirbyshire on Guitar/Vocals and Jack Clark on Drums. The boiz first formed in late 2013 with the desire to write short, fast and witty songs about the summer, or wanting it to be summer. Since then they have played shows up and down the east coast with the likes of Clowns, Hockey Dad, Skegss, The Gooch Palms and a whole list of bands both domestic and international.
The 2 shakka punks deliver a fast paced, energetic, comical and somewhat whimsical performance jam packed with funky stage moves, silly dancing and wicked punk jumps. The duo plays a large collection of songs, ranging from the antics at Newcastle beach, to being way too drunk and remembering it all on the morning after. Goofy fun vibes." FACEBOOK