TRACK PREMIERE - "Other People" - Nicholas Connors / by Ryan Williams

Something happened to Nicholas Connors in Melbourne. Something good.

The singer/songwriter returned from the big city last year and has since been spotted haunting the live music venues of this city - as well as the recording studio. Watching his set, either solo or with his band (the Lords of Leisure) I'm often sad it's over.

This first offering from the upcoming EP is reflective songwriting at it's finest. "Other People" is a cold-blooded-blues dissection of our interactions with.. you guessed it, other people. At least that's what I get from it. There a serious nod to Jim Morrison and L.A. Woman too. Music to accompany a long drive by the beaches to.

Reconnecting with previous collaborator and engineer Fraser Marshall (PALS, Lachlan X. Morris, RAAVE TAPES) a new EP is due to release later this year. I can't wait.