This That Festival, By Kian, Images by Brooke Tunbridge / by Kian West

Photos by Brooke Tunbridge

Photos by Brooke Tunbridge

The ground may have been damp but not the spirits at This That Festival for 2017. 
An impressive setup at the new location at Wickham park and in many ways a better a location for the festival than the foreshore. 

I'm at a point in my life where running around at festivals trying to see a little bit of everyone is no longer appealing, preferring to spend our time in the comfort under covers near the bar of the This stage we caught Winston Surfshirt first and those funky vibes really set the tone for the day. Overcast but warmish weather ended up being a blessing in many ways as the lighting seemed available from much earlier in the day. 
Catching music from The Preatures, Thundamentals and Tash Sultana who were all incredible. No doubt about it, people were really bringing their A game, but the reality for this festival goer was that I was there to see one main act. THE PRESETS.

The Presets delivered. 
The week they dropped a new single to remind the music world they are still relevant and then a live set that showcased their diverse musical catalogue. I watched, captivated, by one of my favourite acts. The tingled hair on edge moment when music connects with you. A different setup for the two of them from previous shows but still the core that is a Presets show. Of course they played 'My People' and yes, it was just as awesome as you'd expect. It all happened so quick. 

Alison Wonderland did what she does. The Presets already had my heart though.
Top setup and huge congratulations to the whole This That team for putting on a tops show. Newcastle might not realise quite yet how much she needs you, but events like these should serve as a reminder to our city about what life is all about. Enjoying experiences together. Embracing creativity. Thank You.