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Gallery: DZ Deathrays at The Cambridge Hotel by Brooke Tunbridge

DZ Deathrays played a sold out show last night at The Cambridge Hotel. Boat Show, These New South Whales and Clowns supported DZ, playing to a packed room of sweaty punters moshing in circle pits from start to finish.
Take a look at our gallery from the night. All photos taken by Brooke Tunbridge.

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Wavevom - I Learnt 2 Swim by Kian West

A very short jangly surf-punk rock song from 2 piece Wavevom. Jed yells at the mic a sad tale of missing out on sunshine and hanging out with friends. These guys create a wall of sound for two pretty simple guys thrashing at drums and guitar. It's an unpolished raw sound that fits perfectly with Newcastles love affair with guitar rock turn pub rock turn stadium hit. Simple, but entertaining. 

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