SPIEGELTENT - Blanc De Blanc / by Kian West

The past week I've had several conversations with people asking what the structure was going in at Civic Park. Apparently, it still isn't common knowledge what the Spiegeltent even is, let alone what goes on inside there.
I've been lucky enough to go to the past few shows in Newcastle and it truly is a spectacular event whenever I've been. The venue itself is pretty impressive. This slightly massive wooden tent that just seems to pop straight up in no time at all. There is a sense of magic that comes from something like that. A theatrics that marries well with what appears inside the space. 

This tour sees the Spiegeltent doing something a little different, not only is there the usual show, but there are a heap of performances in the space by top notch comedians and musicians, but we didn't go to any of them. 

Blanc De Blanc is, I guess, the feature performance and is this incredible blend of cabaret, comedy, theatre and acrobatics. It's really hard to say anything more than that without giving anything away and since they have a "no cameras" policy at the event it is pretty easy to head in without too much knowledge and get swept away. 
Certainly worth the effort to experience the venue and the event. 
I'd recommend it to anyone that likes cabaret or theatre, even a mild interest would be enough to be blown away by everything else this show entails, plus some fun dance routines are definitely a highlight. Watching beautiful people do incredible things with their bodies, not sure that could ever get old? 
Don't miss it. 

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