RMC – EP Review – “I just have a lot of feelings” / by Laura Kebby

The latest installment in the Rachel-Maria Cox aka RMC saga definitely rings true to the EP title. “I just have a lot of feelings” is a collection of tunes that never fails to hit extremely close to home. It’s actually a really surreal experience listening to the EP, leaving you feeling both exposed and privileged that you’ve suddenly been privy to a snapshot of the deepest and darkest corners of RMC’s mind. There is a real art to creating extremely introspective music, weaving deeply personal streams of consciousness through guitar chords and down beats.  It can be very hit and miss, like listening to a conversation that you didn’t really want to be a part of, but listening to “I just have a lot of feelings” made me want to sit cross legged with a tea by candlelight and glue together all of the missing pieces. 

An absolute standout is “A phone I can’t use”, an extremely catchy, upbeat commentary on the internal battle of cataloging memorable interactions, and clinging to the promise of a late night text tone. It’s a wonderful microcosm of introspection, masked by clever, oh so catchy indie-pop and before you realise it, you’re bopping along to an extremely personal internal monologue, blindsided by feelings. And I absolutely love it.  

Musically it’s great to hear that although RMC is backed by a (flipping talented) full band, their voice still sits at the forefront, making deep cuts as if talking directly to the listener, something that has carried over from their acoustic live show to the in house EP listening experience. The bottom line? “I just have a lot of feelings” is a really great EP, from an incredibly wonderful artist.

Want to know /hear more? Everything is apparently coming up Milhouse, as RMC’s EP launch tour kicks off this Thursday at the Lass O’Gowrie to coincide with the EP’s physical release via Sad Grrrls Club. You can also pre-order the full EP as well as preview the track “A phone I can’t use” on band camp (https://rachelmariacox.bandcamp.com/). You can also find out more about RMC in the latest print issue of Newcastle Mirage when it starts appearing in all sorts of cool places around Newcastle.