Review: Baltic Bar-Mitzvah, The Bean Project and The Dew Cats / by Laura Kebby

Review: Baltic Bar-Mitzvah, The Bean Project and The Dew Cats at the Commons Sunday 18/9/16

By Laura Kebby

It seems that on any given night of the week a little niche corner of our town is suddenly transformed into a bustling hub of talented musos singing their heart out. This Sunday night at the Commons was absolutely no exception. A select few gathered to watch The Dew Cats, The Bean Project and Baltic Bar-Mitzvah treat punters to a folk extravaganza.


The Dew Cats opened the evening with some gypsy jazz with a twist. Fusing traditional jazz tunes with popular contemporary tracks leaving audience members truly coloured impressed. Steph’s vocals were sultry and dangerous with the ever important air of mystery, whilst Julian and Sam bounced effortlessly from one another furiously showcasing incredible talent on guitar. Nick on double bass was stoic, steady and deliberately focused, as all good double bass players are, serving as a backbone to a really incredible set.


Melbourne hipsters (because everyone from Melbourne is a hipster in their own right and proud of it) gave the crowd a lively set of alt-folk with just the right amount of country to make my heart swoon. Their rendition of Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire was beautiful and brilliant as they put their own spin to the cult classic somehow managing to make the French Horn sound as effortlessly cool and rock and roll as Jimmy Hendrix at Woodstock (well… maybe not that cool but they were a really great band!).


It’s Tuesday today. And still I sit here floored by the performance produced by Baltic Bah-Mitzvah. So fabulously high energy, spontaneous and sporadic their performance was, that I can’t stress enough that you truly do need to see them to believe just how great they are. Hannah Murray is an incredible front-woman, who filled the room with her presence and passion for music. Backed by her (merry) band (of followers) the kids brought the house down.


The Commons is one of those venues where you feel so incredibly warm and welcome. The BYO (with $5 corkage) aspect is a winner with punters and no matter what the crux of the line up is, you are guaranteed to experience a great show in a cosy music lovers paradise. 


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