Paper Thin - Scared Of Flying / by Laura Kebby

I've been following Paper Thin ridiculously closely since they meshed together a gritty full band punk sound, with the phenomenal story telling of Spencer Scott. As a band, they write songs for the people, about mates and music and they always make it onto the playlist I have set aside for when I'm traveling. Because for me, they always sound like home.  

After giving fans a taste of the Paper Thin brand, with the release of their self-titled EP last year through Lost Boy Records, the boys are back with yet another exceptional track. "Scared of Flying" is progressively grittier, and pays homage to the true punk roots of our town. This new element is backed by guitarist Aidan Roe stepping up to the mic, to belt out various shades of angst and determination, and produce a track that's real, grounded and so flipping on point. 

Although some may be quick to make comparisons to the band's heroes hailing from Smith Street and the like, Paper Thin continue to prove they are paving a way all of their own, with their dynamic and purposeful approach to lyrical complications, producing an truly unique sound.

"Scared of Flying" is an incredible new track, which has already got me excited to hear the guys bang this one out live.

"Scared of Flying" is available now across all digital streaming platforms, as well as being available for purchase on Bandcamp  

But hey, music is more than what we have flowing through our headphones right? The Paper Thin guys agree.

If you head on over to Happy Mag, you'll get to see the exclusive video clip accompaniment where things get real sweaty, real fast. What an exceptional way to kick off your Thursday morning!