Mr. Sauce - Liquor Train, by Hunter Powell / by Newcastle Discovered

What exactly is a liquor train would have been a great question to ask Mr. Sauce when I had the chance. However my philosophy with lyrics is creating our own meaning is half the fun of listening to music. So with that in mind I bought a one way ticket aboard the liquor train till the end of the line; heres what I thought of my trip. 

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The arrangement of the track is out of this world. The arrangement of instrumentation is so thought out, each track of the recording has room to breath in the mix, giving the listener countless moments of memorable melodies, grooves and tones.

The song starts with the bass groove equivalent of a dude guaranteed to steal your girl, followed by keys that make you feel like you’re sitting on a chair next to a camp-fire on the moon, Keys with such warm tone and a reverb that sounds like Neil Armstrong must of recorded it. The song then launches into a groove fest, infectious rhythms stacked on top of each other; culminating into one very cool, feel good sound.

The way certain sections in the track go in and out of each other is remarkable. Each section is tight and transitions are smooth and original. listen out for the riff in the intro that descends into the first verse, it is a great example of what i'm talking about. 

Liquor Train is upbeat rhythmically while therapeutically soulful in tone and lyric. Standout guitar and electric piano tones heard in melodies that glide up and down, sweetly yet sporadically. Mr. Sauce has everything you need, soulful music that is cool as pretty much anything found on this planet. Funk and Motown lovers especially should check it out. Liquor Train is a great introduction into Mr. Sauces work, I am incredibly excited to see where he goes with his upcoming album. Check him out on Soundcloud  ( and

Triple J Unearthed ( ).

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