Matt McLaren – Rendition, by Amy Theodore / by Amy Theodore

You might remember Matt McLaren from shows such as his killer audition on Australia’s Got Talent in 2016, or maybe you’ve seen him around performing at any number of weddings, events or festivals, always followed by his trusty sidekick and guide dog Stamford (who always manages to steal the show just a little bit).

Taking a minute away from producing, Matt is holding nothing back in his latest release when it comes to showcasing how truly talented he is.

Rendition sees Matt cover numerous popular songs while taking a small step away from his usual pure acoustic sounds, introducing some more electronic feels throughout the eight tracks.

A blend of classic hits and current chat toppers, Matt covers a range of genres, killing it on every track.

From his piano rendition of Latch, to the almost jazz-like vibe of Crush, he’s also kept all the Ed Sheeran fanatics out there sufficiently happy, both starting and ending the album with some of the stars biggest current hits.

If you’re looking for a relaxing version of some of your favourite songs, whether to help you wind down, or play in the background of a casual catch up, Matt has crafted the perfect combination of sounds for you.

Find it here: iTunes