Jones The Cat - Past On Smile EP review by Laura Kebby / by Laura Kebby

Jones The Cat - Past On Smile EP review

By Laura Kebby

I am continuously blown away by the amount of talent and passion coming from our town, and the upcoming EP from local outfit “Jones the Cat” is absolutely no exception. Although I could say, that their EP “Paste on Smile” is an exception of sorts, it’s so far from “just another indie-punk album”. There’s this magnificent undertone of clear cut and purposeful composition flowing through each and every track. As a true concept artist, frontman Jack writes songs layered with conflict yet somehow each piece falls perfectly into its rightful angsty punk place. Track wise, “Wasted” playfully pays homage to bender regrets and borrowed blankets with an unbelievably catchy hook and an ever relatable chorus. It’s a song that will leave you throwing your head back, spilling bear on your mates and singing at the top of your lungs. On the much more (deliciously) darker side of the EP, “I want you still” combines a raw flurry of spoken word with a dirty and oh so incredible punk-rock backbone. Easily my favourite track on the EP and epic bonus points from me for the ‘Cheap Trick’ reference.


So… Where can you get your hands on this sweet little collection of tunes? Headto either:

OR BETTER YET, head to the Lass on Saturday night to watch them launch both their EP and their upcoming East Coast tour with what is sure to be a really killer show, and grab their CD for only $10 Dollerydoos!