GREASE, a review, by Dzintra Menesis / by Newcastle Discovered

When Kian offered me two tickets to attend opening night for Grease at The Newcastle Entertainment centre, I practically jumped out of my skin at the opportunity. As a student juggling assessments whilst working full-time, I don’t tend to “get out” much. Opening night for Grease was a chance for me to kick-up my heels and have some fun… And gosh, did we have some fun!

My friend and I didn’t know much about the show before it started, just that is was going to be based on the movie musical Grease. We sat in the audience shivering with anticipation, then suddenly, we heard the building sound of over 600 thundering little footsteps and an eerie echoing squeal.

Right from the start, a cast of well-known Australian performers captivated our attention with their artful and carefully constructed choreography. The room was absolutely electric from start to finish. Every scene is individual in its design, with all of the actors giving their all to make the performance be the best it can be.

Not dissimilar to School Spectacular, these talented young performers maintained their energy up for the entire duration of the show. Like a flash-mob, it was incredibly exciting and uplifting to watch all of the children of all different ages come together to add the finishing touches to the show. Every child has practised their part relentlessly, their passion and dedication could even be felt even in the bleachers!


The impact that this experience has had on me is much the same as how I felt after seeing Cirque Du Soliel live as a teenager. I was busy at that time as well, slogging through my final studies and not really seeing much outside of my little regime. This experience has reminded me of the importance of maintaining some sort of work-life balance. In the short time after seeing Grease, I have been more inspired and even more creative in my day-to-day.

So, reader, take a lesson from me and get out and see a show! Or just do something that is outside of your normal. It might do you well.