Family Dog - Mini Album / by Laura Kebby

I copped a massive death stare from a mother the other day. Like a full on “how dare you breathe the same air as me” death stare. It was after I witnessed my friends so incredibly encapsulated by what I assumed would be an ultra amazing doggo strutting around in the morning sun, but… When I turned around to see a tiny human, my heart and face sank, hence the death stare. So when I was asked to review the mini album by local outfit Family Dog, I was slightly sceptical. But thankfully, my fears were conquered after the very first play.

The mini album is a cool take on the Newy brand of nonchalance that rings true to the punk bands that make us famous.  Track wise the EP as a whole is solid but “Close Me Out” is the  standout. It’s almost half ballad, half indie-punk anthem, with a sense of darkness balancing out the full sound.

“Josie In Rainbows” is definitely an interesting take on the typical love song, but as someone so unlucky in love as of late, I think it’s exactly what I needed. As the track progresses, the sound builds on itself and really ends with a huge clash of guitars and vocals and I can’t wait to see them bang it out live.

Speaking of live. You’ll be able to catch Family Dog at The Stag on the 4th of March, as they launch their mini album, and give the crowd a taste of their sound. I’ll be there, hoping that someone will bring their family dog to keep my company as I watch Family Dog. It will be like a family dog inception.

You can catch a snippet of what they’re all about on their Bandcamp.  


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